Benjamin BoehmBenjamin Boehm – Vice President of Finance

Ben Boehm joined Fintech in December 2008 as Vice President of Finance.  His primary responsibilities are to manage the banking, customer support, and accounting functions at Fintech.  These responsibilities include being well versed in NACHA operating rules, overseeing the movement of funds between retailers and distributors, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality of service and maintaining the company’s financial records.  Ben also works with the product development team and has been recognized for his contributions to process improvement. 

Prior to joining Fintech, Ben earned his Finance degree from Florida State University and spent over ten years at the corporate office of Shells Seafood Restaurants, Inc. where he used the Fintech system as a customer and served in various roles including Director of Accounting, Director of IT, and Director of Purchasing.  Ben’s mix of both technical and financial skills have allowed him to contribute to multiple areas at Fintech.