Walter PickelWalter E. Pickel, Jr. - Vice President of Product Development

Walter Pickel joined Fintech in October of 2000 as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer and principal author of Fintech FTX, bringing over 10 years of management expertise and over 6 years of electronic commerce experience received from working for leading electronic commerce service providers such as SupplyTech, Harbinger and QRS. Walter is responsible for the management, development and introduction of all new products. 

Prior to joining Fintech, Walter served as Director, Internet Services and Technology Evangelist for the QRS Corporation where he was responsible for the corporate direction on Internet technologies. During his tenure at QRS, Walter was responsible for the design of all web-based products and services, led the initial development team for QRS Keystone™ - Grocery Edition and was a primary author of qXML™-- an XML-based exchange format developed by QRS. At Harbinger, he led product management for the industry leading desktop EDI translator - Trusted Link STX®. 

Walter is a frequent speaker at industry trade shows, has participated in several NACS boards, served on the UCS architecture committee and several Automotive Action Group (AIAG) committees/task forces, and was a technical advisor to RosettaNet. Walter attended St. Mary's College and the University of Maryland.