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  • Distributors

    "I love working with Fintech, there service is terrific and everyone is quick to help if you have questions. The staff if very knowledgeable and will get you to the right person in a timely manner."
    - Alliance Beverage 

    "We are very pleased with the quality of service Fintech provides. We sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and the way Fintech conducts business. We have recommended the Fintech program to all of our customers and other distributors because of our satisfaction with the service we receive. We look forward to doing business with the Fintech organization for years to come."
    - Andrews Distributing

    "Since using Fintech our turnaround time for payments and delivery has decreased tremendously. The ability to access invoices on the Web page is also a great user tool for our company."
    - Anheuser-Busch Beverage Distribution Company

    "Fintech's employees are the greatest people - I wish every company I dealt with was like them. The Fintech team always has answers when I call and are extremely friendly."
    - Bud of Greenville

    "Fintech is a great resource! It is so easy to use and the customer support is always helpful. This payment option is my number one choice. I recommend it to all of our new customers."
    - Capitol Beverage

    “We use Fintech because it makes good business sense across the board; from the reduction in driver wait time, to cash flow availability and simplification of invoice & payment processing. We couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.  We wish ALL of our customers would make the switch to Fintech!”
    - Carolina Premium Beverage

    "Currently, Carter Distributing partners with Fintech to provide an efficient E-Commerce platform in which their customers can receive and track all of their regulated alcohol invoices. We look forward to working with Fintech to proactively introduce Fintech's OneSource EFT program to all of our valued retail customers."
    - Carter Distributing, Inc.

    "Working with Fintech has been a wonderful experience, one that saves us a great deal of time and effort. I have found the experience with their staff to be not only helpful but very pleasurable."
    - Chuckanut Bay Distillery

    "We love Fintech and wish all of our retailers were on the program!"
    - Classic City Beverage 

    "Fintech is an excellent program/company that ensures accurate and prompt services to their clients. Payments and remittances are always processed in a timely manner, to avoid any inaccuracies that could normally occur."
    - Claypool Distributing Co.

    "We have been very pleased with Fintech and how simple it is to use. The website is easy to navigate and from entering the retailer invoices and verifying payments to running reports. Customer service is always available and helpful when needed. When our retailers use Fintech, it saves everyone time and which in our industry is so valuable. We have more time available to service the customer."
    - Coco Beverage, Inc.

    “Legislation should be passed to make everyone use Fintech!"
    - Comer Distributing

    "We are 100% pro Fintech. It is infinitely easier to make a delivery requiring only a quick signature rather than having a chef, sous chef, bar manager or office manager stop what they're doing to cut a check. We like fun, and efficiency is fun!"
    - Corfini Cellars
    "Every time I call Fintech I get an immediate response or help with my question or issue. Every representative that I have ever spoken with has always been extremely helpful and always friendly. They always wanted to make sure that our company is taken care of."
    - Det Distributing

    "The addition of Fintech has simplified the delivery process for both us and our customers; it's a simple process that guarantees payment and elevates the hassle of producing a check on delivery."
    - DeLille Cellars

    "Fintech has been a wonderful company to work with. The service is always prompt and pleasant. It's also great because it saves us and our customer’s time at check-in. There's no waiting for cash or checks and our drivers don't have to carry large sums of money."
    - Dixie Wine Co.

    "We are always assured payment from the accounts with Fintech. No adjustments, just payments. Very comforting to rely on getting paid."
    - Eagle Beverage

    "Employees are always friendly and helpful when I phone with a question or a problem and resolution always follows quickly. Thanks for all your help Fintech!"
    - Euclid Beverage, Ltd.

    "Fintech is a valuable partner and they always put our customers first. They are proactive in their efforts to help us help our customers, establish new business, and keep the lines of communication open. Fintech is a true asset to our company."
    - Five Star Distributing

    "We started using Fintech for a specific retailer and have found the program to be beneficial for both the vendor and several of our retailers. One of the most important benefits for us is that Fintech allows us to send invoices in the EDI format for all of our clients and receive payments for multiple customers with only one transaction!"
    - Four Seasons Distributing

    "Fintech has been very helpful and quick on setting up new stores. Their communication and responses to my questions have been prompt and helpful."
    - Gallo Sales Company

    "I love Fintech!"
    - Glazers

    "Now that we are using Fintech, I can't imagine life without it!"
    - H & S Wholesalers, Inc.

    "Haw River Wine Man has enjoyed tremendous growth over the last several years, and with a small crew, none of us tech wizards by any stretch of the imagination, we've been amazed at how easy and seamless transitioning to the Fintech EFT payment system has been. Great tech support, and we are left with plenty of time to do what we need to do, which is go out and sell wine."
    - Haw River Wine Man

    "One of the key benefits occurs during route tie-out. If a mistake is made on an invoice it can be quickly corrected before the EFT transaction takes place. If the customer pays by cash or check then corrections would take longer (more paperwork, a check might have to be issued and mailed out.)"
    - Imperial Beverage

    "Using Fintech greatly affects our cash flow, considering our customer base of 17,000 accounts and this would be desirable to any business, large or small, as the funds become immediately available the next business day. The final outcome and our goal are to deliver our product, have our customers sell the product and have the accounting department handle the incoming revenue."
    - JJ Taylor Distributing Florida, Inc.

    "Fintech is time saving! Our drivers do not have to wait for checks, and we have access to our funds immediately! It's a great tool everyone should use."
    - Josulete Wines

    "Fintech plays an integral role in assisting us with receiving payments on time for our alcohol products. There is a small window in which payments must be received due to state liquor license laws and by using the Fintech system it assists our business with prompt invoice submission and payment from our customers."
    - KeHe Distributors

    "We have used Fintech for a number of years and it has made a huge difference in the efficiency of our Accounts Receivable department. What is remarkable to me is that in all this time we have experienced no errors or downtime. The staff at Fintech is always pleasant and helpful and our entire experience with Fintech has been excellent!"
    - Kentucky Eagle Beer, Inc.

    “We really enjoy using Fintech because it reduces the time our drivers wait at stops for payment on the vendor side of business and it also reduces the paperwork needed to be done on the retailer side of business. Once an invoice is submitted for payment we receive those funds within a 24 hour time period. Fintech has always answered any questions that have come up quickly and accurately.”
    - Locher Bros., Inc.

    "It only took a few weeks to fully appreciate the simplicity and convenience that Fintech provides to us and our accounts. We do not understand why some bar and restaurant owners / managers still prefer to stop what they’re doing and write a check for each deliver."
    - Los Osuna Tequila Distributing

    "The time spent by us on the invoice payment process is greatly reduced - we don't have to worry about mailing hard copy invoices or emailing multiple people for approval. We upload the invoice and we're done. I can't think of a faster process."
    - Mercer Wine Estates

    "Miami Beverage currently has accounts that make their payments through Fintech. The efficiency of accounts payable has increased with the use of the Fintech program. The few times that we have had a little glitch with an account, the support center was prompt in returning our call and helping to remedy the situation or sending me to someone that could. We are very pleased with Fintech."
    - Miami Beverage

    "We chose Fintech to process our invoices electronically at the request of one of our retailers. Since there is no COD requirement for wine in the areas we serve, we were excited to learn the many benefits after delivery Fintech provides both the distributor and retailer. We receive funds on time every time from all of our Fintech customers."
    - Misa Imports

    "Fintech's streamlined services and top notch customer support make for a winning combination."
    - National Distributors

    "We began processing for one retailer with one invoice entry a week. We now have 375 retail locations on the program with over 600 invoice entries processed each week."
    - Northeast Sales Distributing

    "Fintech simplifies payments by reducing check handling effort, bank fees and time from payment to deposit. I wish all of our customers used Fintech!"
    - Orangewood Wines

    “I am very happy to be a part of Fintech.  Their service and help during the setup process was exceptional.  There is always someone to teach you their system with a smile on their face. Thank you, Fintech! I look forward to many years of working together and meeting new customers through being a part of your organization.”
    - Organic Cellar Plus

    "From an accounting aspect, an important benefit is that Fintech allows us to send invoices through our current route accounting system in an EDI format to our clients and receive payments with only one transaction! In addition, our goal at Quality Brands is to provide the highest level of customer service and the time saved due to Fintech has allowed us to improve in that area.”
    - Quality Brands

    "Fintech provides us with the means to guarantee our funds per invoice to be electronically transferred to our operating account within 24 hours of entering our invoices into their system. This frees up our drivers' time so they don't have to wait for a check to be cut when goods are delivered. The customer simply signs the invoice and the driver can be on his way to his next delivery"
    - Quality Wine & Spirits, Inc.

    "I was happy to join Fintech! The ability to make quick deliveries and the comfort of knowing that my invoicing is in capable hands, make growing my business a much easier prospect. Definitely a must have for a distributor!"
    - Regional Imports

    "I love how fast Fintech works and how the system can obtain funds without having our driver wait around for checks!"
    - Rocky Mountain Vinifera

    "Processing our daily invoices is a breeze with Fintech's system. I am also pleased with their customer service and the attention to detail that they provide us when we have a question. I would rate this company number one for service and support!"
    - Romer Beverage

    "Fintech makes receiving payment simple and convenient.  The staff is so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful"
    - Silver Coast Winery.

    "I've been here for 16 years and with Fintech it's a really great thing not having to pay for deliveries with a check"
    - Snorting Elk Cellar

    "Fintech is great as is - it's a HUGE time saver in the market"
    - Southern Sales
    "Fintech is the ultimate “hands-free” solution for our Payment Processing and Collections department. The payment batches are ALWAYS on time and interface perfectly, and I never have to worry about short-pays or misapplied payments."
    - Southern Wine & Spirits

    "I think the only way to go in our business is Fintech. Because of our State Liquor Laws, Fintech makes sure that we stay in the guidelines."
    - Summit Distributing

    "Fintech saves time for our delivery drivers at the back door. The process of collecting funds and updating accounts receivable is seamless, increasing our accuracy and productivity in the back office. The ability to access invoices online is also a great tool."
    - Superior Beverage Group

    "We used to write checks for everybody. Fintech is so much easier and saves us so much time on audits and we love not having escrow accounts!"
    - Tavern Beverage Company

    "Our company, The Best Of Beers, LLC in Hickory, NC has been doing our EFT transactions with Fintech for about 5 years now. We have approximately 30 accounts who use Fintech and it has been a great time saver for our office staff. They have worked with us very well in all aspects, both technical and sales."
    - The Best of Beers, LLC

    "Fintech is very helpful and unbelievable to work with! We've been a Fintech customer since 2008 and all of the website improvements have made the Fintech setup process much smoother."
    - The Country Vintner

    "Fintech has provided our customers a way to pay without any hassle of mailing checks or paying for postage. With 10 day payment terms in Florida, Fintech keeps all of us compliant!"
    - Unfiltered Unfined Wines

    "We extremely enjoy working with Fintech - they have greatly enhanced our alcohol payment process."
    - Vino Volo

  • Retail Convenience Stores

    "Eliminating the store level payments greatly increased our cash control. The reconciliation process takes less time and is much more efficient and accurate due to Fintech paying our alcohol invoices electronically."
    - CEFCO Convenience Stores

    "Fintech beats the heck out of paper checks!"
    - Folk Oil Company Inc.

    "We have been partners with Fintech for over 10 years. The ability to centralize our payments for beer and wine purchases allows us to eliminate a task from our store managers, freeing them up for the many other responsibilities that they have, and gives us confidence that these transactions are handled effectively and efficiently."
    - Kelly Express Mart

    "The Fintech program has really been helpful for our company. It has worked as advertised, it is simple to use and has eliminated the need for beer drafts in most of our stores. I wish ALL the beer vendors would get on board with this program."
    - KenJo Inc.

    "We like the report section of Fintech's website. It has helped us reconcile the drafts and occasionally we have problems reading the invoice that the station has faxed us so we can pull it up online and verify the details."
    - Martin Oil Company

    "As a result of our partnership with Fintech, we have experienced improved efficiency in our accounts payable department by streamlining our daily operations and electronic funds transfer. Fintech provides our company with the reliability needed to operate in today's demanding market place by providing exceptional customer service and support."
    - Miller Oil Company

  • Retail Hotels

    "Fintech gives us peace of mind - all our beverage invoices are paid on time, eliminating any issues with our licenses."
    - Casa Marina Resort

    "By using Fintech's service, we will be able to reduce the time and expense associated with issuing checks on demand for beer and wine deliveries. Plus, our vendor's drivers will appreciate not having to wait around for a check! Fintech bridges the gap between those companies large enough to process ACH transactions and the many small vendors from which we purchase."
    - Silver Reef Hotel Casino and Spa
    "As for our decision to join Fintech, it's quite simple - ease of doing business. In Vermont, all liquor deliveries are COD, and the driver must leave with payment. Fintech allows us to approve the invoice and have the driver back on the road in minutes, saving the time of drawing up a check and keeping the paper use to a minimum which aligns with our 'green initiative' here at Stowe Mountain."
    - Stowe Mountain Lodge

    "We chose Fintech because they provided us with a cost effective electronic invoicing system which works with all our beverage partners."
    - Swan Lake Resort
    "Fintech has given me peace of mind and reduced my stress level. Since we have controls on who can sign checks, I have to always be available to sign the checks upon delivery. I no longer have to worry about always being here to sign the checks and being stressed out about missing a delivery. We should have done this a lot sooner!"
    - Waldenwoods Family Recreation Resort

  • Retail Institutional Food Services

    "Fintech provides a superb management application for processing and reporting our beverage purchases. The bank drafting for our account payments has saved us in labor dollars and is incredibly convenient. The reports we receive from Fintech are even more detailed than what we can provide with our in-house software. Thank you to Fintech for a great product and service!"
    - Belle Meade Country Club

    "I have been in the food service industry for 18 years! Most of those years have been in Liquor control board states (Pennsylvania and Michigan) that require COD payment for all alcohol deliveries. Having worked with Fintech and without them, I can say that the security and convenience of their service is awesome."
    - Compuware Sports Arena

    "Fintech works beautifully. It is one of the companies I never have to worry about."
    - Cork, LLC

    "Fintech eliminated the problem of writing checks for our beer, wine and spirit deliveries. I can now spend more time managing other duties then having to worry about writing checks for alcohol!"
    - Holly Tree Country Club

    "By using Fintech, IRI is assured that the regulated payments are made timely, and saves more than $25,000 operating costs annually by not having to process payable's."
    - I.R.I. Golf Group

    “Fintech really makes our job so much easier with all of our liquor orders. It’s a great service.”
    - Midfield Concession Enterprises

    "We partnered with Fintech to eliminate cash on delivery payments for alcohol deliveries. This saves time at the delivery and during the reconciliation process."
    - Scioto Reserve Golf and Athletic Club

    "After talking with our contact, it was a no-brainer. For a minimal start-up fee and an insignificant charge per invoice, our bar manager receives a purchase history, quantity and price, to assist in controlling our inventory and our bank account is debited automatically for each delivery. Fintech has been an asset in helping us manage our business."
    - The Port Charlotte Golf Club

  • Retail Liquor Stores

    "Fintech was an easy decision as it allows for quick processing of our invoices and efficiency which would otherwise add hours of wasted time each month. We are very happy with Fintech and with our decision to utilize them as our EFT partner."
    - I-Drive Liquor, Inc.

    "Recently, we opened two new fine wine & liquor stores in the Orlando/Kissimmee area. When buying liquor, beer or wine from our vendors, we must ensure that each vendor is paid in a timely manner in order to eliminate being put on the Sate of Florida's no ship list. We have decided to utilize Fintech in order to process our invoices immediately, without the hassle of getting checks to each store."
    - R & S Liquors, Inc.

    "We use Fintech to process payments made by our licensee customers and payments made to our vendors. We have been using Fintech for over a year and the service is reliable and very cost effective while satisfying the strict payment rules established by the Liquor Control Board. We would recommend Fintech as a very effective and efficient method of receiving or making payments."
    - Redmond Ridge Liquors & Wine

  • Retail Mass Merchants

    "We are located on the west coast and even though there is a three hour time difference, Fintech's support team is available to take care of any issues or questions we have, which we greatly appreciate!"
    - Bi-Mart Corporation

    "Fintech is a very simple process and makes life easier."
    - BJ's Wholesale Club

    “Fintech’s Customer Support team is the best and continues to always show the Kmart team excellent support. Their assistance and guidance over the years is unmatched.”
    - Kmart

  • Retail Restaurants

    "As the office manager of Caddo Street Grill, Fintech has made my life so much easier. Prior to using Fintech, I was having to cut four checks a week for our beer, wine and alcohol purchases. Then I would have to hope that I would catch either our owner or our area manager for a signature as neither one of them has an office on the premises. It was a difficult task, but now I don't have to worry."
    - Caddo Street Grill

    "Fintech has streamlined our alcohol payables, enabling us to meet TABC payment requirements. Most of our Texas vendors process payments through Fintech, which makes everything so much easier."
    - Carino's Italian Restaurant

    "Fintech provides our company with fast service. I like their online tools the most. It's user friendly! Fintech saves us time by not having to write manual checks. It's the wave of the future."
    - Carrabbas Italian Grill

    "When contacted by our beer distributor that there was a new way to automatically draft our invoices we were definitely willing to listen to what they had to say. Since implementing Fintech, we have been able to recover over $7500 in escrow deposits and have had no regrets in the decision we made. We look forward to a continued successful partnership with Fintech."
    - Chelino's

    "Chilli's Restaurant has partnered with Fintech to help manage all alcohol purchases through a single source solution."
    - Chilli's Restaurant

    "Working with Fintech has streamlined our payment procedures and beverage accounting processes. This has really helped, as we have grown from 8 restaurants to 18 restaurants in a very short period of time. We are able to use Fintech's reports to analyze beverage movement, which helps us organize our core beverage list and promotional features."
    - Chuy's Mexican Food

    "After using Fintech, I am more pleased than ever! The information on the website (invoices, speed of posting and accuracy) is impeccable! I can now reconcile our bank account more efficiently and accurately since I do not wait for the restaurant folks to submit beer invoices. Instead, I just retrieve the info from the Fintech website. What a time-saver! Thanks for all of your support."
    - City Barbeque

    "I am always looking for ways I can be more productive and efficient - Fintech has provided that by giving me the time saving convenience and security of using an automatic payment system to pay our distributors. Fintech's user-friendly website also gives me easy access to invoices and provides detailed reporting. It is like having a personal assistant when it comes to paying and tracking invoices and that is a big help to my busy days.Thank you Fintech!"
    - Coach House Tavern

    "Fintech has made beer deliveries so simple. There is no cash and no worries. We are glad to be part of the Fintech family."
    - Enchilada's Restaurant

    "We use Fintech because not only does it save time when deliveries arrive, it eliminates the need for a signer to be on premise when the delivery is made. Also I never have to worry about paying the termed invoices, which could lead to COD. Definitely worth the money!"
    - Fiddler's Hearth

    "Fintech works really well for us. It cuts time on delivery and saves money by not having to issue checks. Customer service is great! We have added several locations since we first starting using Fintech and are very pleased!"
    - Hospitality USA Investment Group, Inc.

    "Fintech simplifies bill paying for multiple distributors at multiple locations by being able to easily reference them in one web location"
    - Howl At The Moon

    "Our team would like to thank Fintech for their support during the hectic opening period of our first restaurant. We appreciate the facilitation allowed between our restaurant and beer distributors and would recommend their valuable service to anyone planning to open a restaurant or bar"
    - Hurricane Grill and Wings / IR One Holdings

    "Fintech makes accounting easy by providing a direct debit at the time of invoice. Our Fintech sales representative has provided excellent service from the day we started."
    - Jake's Hamburgers

    "Since partnering with Fintech in November we have recovered over $10,000 in escrow deposits as well streamlined our corporate reconciliation efforts. As we continue to grow, our relationship with Fintech will improve our operations and add value to our franchise opportunities."
    - Johnny Carino's Italian/Fired Up

    "I think Fintech is one of the best companies I have ever had to deal with in my line of work. We have to deal with multiple vendors and I have never had an issue with Fintech. I can't imagine what I could recommend to improve their services that they haven't already thought of."
    - Kazbor's Grille

    "Having multiple vendors that require COD payments, signing on with Fintech made perfect sense and has made tracking of invoices a breeze, not to mention the money we save on checks! Even our vendors appreciate the convenience!"
    - Lancaster's BBQ & Wings and Jeffrey's Restaurant

    "Since joining Fintech, our delivery check-in process has become more efficient. We eliminated the burden of having to maintain checkbooks in each store, thus saving time and money. Our store managers have more time to concentrate on running the business and spend quality time with their customers."
    - Landry's Restaurants, Inc.

    "Through the growing pains of a Mom & Pop company to now a multi-unit corporation, Los Lupes Restaurant has been in need of an organized method of maintaining its books and records regarding beer and liquor purchases - Fintech was our solution of choice. The Fintech website is very informative and easy to follow. We are proud to have Fintech as part of our accounting methods."
    - Los Lupes

    "The time saved in handling invoices for regulated products since we teamed up with Fintech frees us up to spend a lot more time building relationships with customers. The vendors love the arrangement as well since it makes it easier for their delivery people."
    - Maggie's Neighborhood Bar & Grill

    "As an ongoing mission to strive for excellence, we've decided to use Fintech for our alcohol payments so that we may focus on assisting our customers."
    - Mansion Bar Inc.

    "When we first opened, I was going nuts as I was constantly needed at the restaurant to write a check whenever our alcohol was delivered. Fortunately, I got Fintech's name from one of our local distributors and gave them a call to enroll in their EFT system. Fintech has been a blessing for us and has saved me driving many miles to write a check.”
    - Mellow Mushroom

    "Fintech has streamlined our accounting process which allows for more time to focus on our operations and also allows for more valuable time with our customers."
    - Mellow Mushroom - Burlington

    "We absolutely love Fintech. It is so convenient. Being a business owner, we are always tied up with the restaurant and it is so nice not to have to write a check or worry about paying for the alcohol. Fintech takes care of everything. We just place the order and that's it. The reporting feature is also great. We can check all invoices online to ensure everything balances. Thank you Fintech!"
    - Mirko Pasta

    "Since we began using Fintech in 2006, it has proven to be a cost-effective tool that has streamlined our payment processing and has helped us stay in compliance with Texas alcoholic beverage laws!"
    - Mi Tierra

    "Fintech's services are an essential tool between our vendors and our restaurants. Without them our bank reconciliation would be a nightmare!"
    - Outback Steakhouse

    "Fintech has made it possible for us to streamline our beverage purchasing process. Our managers know precisely when the payments will come out of our bank account and our vendors never have to deal with delayed deliveries due to finding someone to pay them. This has been a win/win scenario for our restaurants and our vendors."
    - Paddy Coynes

    "We use Fintech for three reasons: convenience, reporting, and accounting. I prefer to work smart rather than hard."
    - Primo's Tex-Mex Grilles

    "We are looking to strategically run our business. Utilizing the best tools online plays a big role in our core structure. Fintech brings value, data, and controls conveniently to our fingertips."
    - Pure Sushi

    "Fintech has eliminated the payment issues that I had with the vendors. I know that the payments will be made properly and on-time so that I stay in compliance and do not have vendors chasing me for payments. Resolving these payment issues it has saved me time that would have been wasted."
    - Quaker Steak & Lube - Clearwater, FL

    "The use of Fintech has certainly helped our business. We used to write checks for alcohol and the electronic service has sped up and streamlined our entire payment process."
    - Rosie McCaffrey's Irish Pub

    "Fintech makes life easier, less paperwork and no worries."
    - Taverna Opa - Orlando

    "The Shaskeen is a new restaurant which recently opened in Manchester, NH and is a new client of Fintech. Mr. McCarthy came onto the Fintech program because he is frequently out of the country. Mr. McCarthy states, I feel that Fintech will be there for me when a manager is out sick or there is nobody to pay the delivery driver. I feel secure knowing that our vendors will be paid."
    - The Burren, Irish Pub and Restaurant

    "The decision to use Fintech was an easy one. With Fintech we can receive inventory without interrupting guests and without a check writing signatory on premise. Fintech will help streamline our operations as we grow."
    - The Frenchman's Corner

    "Tiger Sushi is excited to continue the relationship with Fintech as we expand our horizons. Their program has integrated into our system flawlessly, and we look forward to working with them at Tiger Sushi II."
    - Tiger Sushi

    "We were looking for a way to make our operations more efficient and less cumbersome. When we found Fintech we took control of our time again so that we could give our guests that fun experience that they came in to have."
    - Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery

  • Retail Supermarkets

    "By using Fintech to handle the payment process we have realized savings in our receiving process at store level and have gained efficiency in our Accounts Payable and Treasury Departments in our General Office. I would recommend Fintech to any company looking to eliminate cash payments and improve their handling of these types of distributors."
    - Albertson's, LLC

    "Transitioning our beer and wine purchases to Fintech's payment method was a seamless process for our retail operations. The best benefit, however, was the amount of escrow we've eliminated from our balance sheet that we formerly had to maintain for each vendor. Our cost of capital decreased by nearly $90K on an annual basis as a result of converting to the Fintech program"
    - Whole Foods